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+Financial Affairs Committee

If your organization is working on a special project that will make UA's campus just a little more amazing, we've got your back. The Financial Affairs Committee distributes funds to student orgs Sept. - April -- and your president or treasurer can apply online.

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) is charged with allocating funds to registered student organizations; $200,000 per fiscal year. In order to be eligible to apply for this funding, student organizations must be registered with the SOURCE for at least one (1) month, and the President and/or the Treasurer must attend a Foresight Workshop or Officers Academy training session. An online Funding Request is then submitted, then the President and/or Treasurer must attend the upcoming FAC meeting to answer questions from the Committee. Once Funding is approved by SGA Senate, the funds are placed in the organization's FAC account. It is the responsibility of the organization to contact the FAC Advisor to spend this funding. Contact Sherry Phillips, the FAC Advisor, with any FAC-related questions.

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The University of Alabama's Student Government Association CrimsonHouse is a resource that connects students with information about stand alone houses. A map on the website provides an interactive way to search for stand alone houses: zoom to your desired location of Tuscaloosa on it and click on potential houses. Each dot represents a stand alone house that may be available for rent. All houses are Crimson Choice approved - this means they meet basic safety standards for students. Check it out at!

+Student Organization Seating

There's nothing quite like sitting with all of your friends at an Alabama Football game. Student Organization Seating makes that happen.
FALL 2015
Seating layout
Please contact with questions.
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+Recycle Bama

Help us make UA crimson a little more green.

RecycleBama is an SGA-lead initiative designed to encourage a less-waste philosophy around campus and help promote good recycling habits. Administrators of the initiative have coordinated with Tony Johnson, director of the Department of Recycling, Dr. Mark Nelson, and well as Bama Dining administrators and they support the initiative's goals.

There will be periodical tabling sessions to educate students about recycling, where students can answer trivia about recycling to win buttons, candy, t-shirts and more! The tabling squad will also be available to answer any questions that students may have about recycling on campus.

How to get involved:
  • Designate a recycling container in your dorm room to save recyclables and empty it as needed. Most dorms have recycling bins on the bottom floor, or every floor if you are in a larger dorm.
  • Make an effort to recycle something! A few more feet to a recycling bin beats a lifetime in a landfill for that bottle!
  • Get familiar with the location of recycling bins in the buildings you are frequently in.

If you have questions, please contact

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+Honor Flight

The University of Alabama along with the Student Government Association and the West Alabama Tuscaloosa Rotary Club is coming together to help fund this year's Honor Flight and all future endeavors.

What is the Honor Flight? Local area World War II and Korean War Veterans are sent free at cost to them to see their memorials in Washington DC. So many of them have never had the opportunity view them. They are greeted by our national and state senators and return in the evening to a welcome home rally at our local airport. Donate now!

Why support the UA SGA Honor Flight Program? Without our partnership, future Honor Flights could become obsolete in our state. The West Alabama hub is the last operating branch in the State of Alabama. Please help us Honor our Local Veterans with a trip of a lifetime for them to see their memorials! It's just one small way we can say "thank you" for their sacrifices for our country. Donate Today! Company, Club or Individual Sponsorships available!

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+Say Hey! SGA

"Say Hey, SGA" was developed to create an open dialogue between SGA members and the student body. With this initiative the SGA sets up around the university to speak with students regarding involvement opportunities, upcoming SGA events and issues on campus that they would like to see resolved.